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| Last Updated::20/04/2021

Major Activity


1. Prepared Database on “Development of Biodiversity Assessment Plan for Kovalam beach and its backwaters in Thiruporur of Kanchipuram District”


 The aims to study of biodiversity assessment in Kovalam beach is to understand and delineate the species diversity, species richness, local food chain and other ecosystem processes by way of identifying bio-indicators. The information collected and to prepared a biodiversity database of the beach and its backwaters. Biodiversity is the short form of ‘biological diversity’. It means ‘all the variations and variabilityin life, seen and unseen’. In other words, it is the totality of variations in life – variations inform, habits, food and habitat preference. Organisms that are similar and naturally interbreedare called as Species. This definition is known as the ‘biological species concept’. Species isthe most commonly used unit of life in assessing biodiversity. It is important to understandthe increasing need for effective assessment and monitoring in rapidly changing landscapessuch as beaches.