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| Last Updated: 07/06/2019

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The theme of 2018 is “Big cats - predators under threat”      
Wildlife Week is celebrated every year in India from October 2nd to 8th. Wildlife Week was conceptualized in 1952 with the overall goal of raising awareness to serve the long-term goal of safeguarding the lives of wildlife through critical action.  Wild Life Week celebrations will aid in the general awakening of the normal people in the country towards the protection of wildlife. It was decided to celebrate the event for one week in the month of October every year by organizing some special activities connected with the wild life conservation.
The Government of India has organized a variety of activities during this period through the environmentalists, activists, educators who encourage and stimulate the people’s mind to become aware of the wildlife conservation. Every year several conferences, awareness programmes, public meetings etc are held to create awareness. Various schools and institutions sensitise their students through wildlife related movie screening, essay writing, painting competition, debate competition and many more.
Tamil Nadu Forest Department has the distinction of managing forests and the wildlife very effectively for the last over 150 years. The State is having 5 National Parks, 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 15 Bird Sanctuaries and two Conservation Reserves besides four Tiger Reserves. The wildlife conservation over the years has succeeded in the State because of massive community participation, use of technology, student and NGOs participation, transparency and above all, the timely support and encouragement of the Government.Conservation needs innovation and action not just by Foresters alone, but also from people who are the true custodians and their support is required for enhancing the wildlife wealth. Wildlife management is interdisciplinary in approach and practice; primarily, it deals with preservation, protection of species, and their habitats. Holistic wildlife management has to be based on knowledge and understanding of wildlife ecology, biology, management, education and extension.
            Throughout the Wild Life week, people and students learn from experts through seminars, lectures as well as hands-on workshops in order to become more close to the nature. The purposes of the celebrating the Wild Life Week needto be clearlyelaborated to the students, the future generation in the country.
Follow new fun filled activities (like storytelling, playing animals charades, Panda crafting, building rain art and etc.,) to get their interest and precious attention. Planting the tree would be an important part the Wild Life Week campaign. Organize some game and music activities like fun facts, puzzles, mazes and animal piano for the kids to enjoy nature. Teach the kids about wild life through the posters, cards or discussion.
On this day, I appeal to the public to be aware of the need for conservation and protection of the wild life and work towards the conservation of the wild life and be a part in conserving the wildlife forever.
Director of Environment