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| Last Updated: 08/06/2021

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World Turtle Day


World Turtle Day is  celebrated   on   23rd   May every year. World turtle day was founded by American Tortoise Rescue and was celebrated the first time in 2000.   The founder of American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) is  Susan  Tellem and Marshall Thompson. The main objective of celebrating world turtle day is to spread awareness about the protection of the natural habitat of turtles & tortoise.


American Tortoise Rescue is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to working for the rehabilitation and rescue of all different species of turtles and tortoises. The organization also works to protect the environment where these reptile species live.World turtle day is an international event celebrated all over the world in different ways. People organize various events and activities to celebrate this day for the preservation of turtles for the upcoming generations. Spreading awareness in schools is also an important activity to make the youth aware of the risks involved with the survival of these species of the reptile family.

World Turtle Day 2020


World Turtle Day 2020 is planning for the events and activities are created with a lot of enthusiasm. The theme of world turtle day 2020 will focus on bringing attention and increasing respect and knowledge for tortoises and turtles. This international event will be celebrated worldwide in various ways. People will dress up green in support of world turtle day. Multiple events will be organized. A lot of knowledge will be shared about the importance of turtles to the marine ecosystem and for the entire environment.

The following activities are carried out on World Turtle Day

  • Raise awareness about turtle protection in your peer groups.

  • Use social media to spread awareness.

  • Global warming through human activities is one of the major reasons for facing the extinction of these species.

  • Hence, we are responsible for conservation of turtles and tortoise species.  Should avoid the use of plastic products.

  • Coordinate with NGO and organize an event to clean the beaches to reduce marine pollution.

  • Proper waste disposal plays a vital role in minimizing marine pollution.

     If you are staying at nearby places of sea beaches, help turtle preservation by  switching off unwanted lights. Unnecessary lights disturb the natural hatching process of the turtles as they hatch in moonlight during  nesting season.




Turtles are important creatures of seas and oceans that play a vital role in maintaining the health of flora and the coral reefs of the marine ecosystem. Sea turtles are also helpful in adequately balancing the marine food web. It is our responsibility to take all the preventive measures to protect such a valuable sea creature. Raise more and more awareness about turtle preservation at an individual level and initiate different events to support world turtle day every year on 23rd May.