Alien Species of Tamil Nadu:-

      The State of Tamil Nadu has a rich diversity of alien species.  British have introduced several species in Chennai, Nilgiris and Palani Hills.  The Madras Presidency has been administered from the present Chennai and a number of conservators and other officials were actively engaged in cataloging plants as well as in introducing plants may it be species of commercial interest or botanical curiosity.  Total number of alien species in Tamil Nadu as per the present data is 1274.  A majority of alien species exist only under cultivation. 


         Among the alien species 998 plants occur under cultivation.  Only 276 taxa have either naturalized or turned invasive.  The naturalized species in this list, though not invasive currently, have the potential to turn invasive.  It is essential to monitor the spread of these species.  Past experience of eradicating invasive species has clearly indicated that the complete eradication is difficult but keeping the spread of these species under control is very much possible.


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