Climate Change
Climate Change


Global warming is the greatest challenge, the world is facing today.  It is due to the excessive amount of Green House gas we are producing due to the burning of fossil fuel.  In fact our civilization is based on the burning of hydrocarbons.  For the last 100 years we have produced more carbon dioxide than the world has produced for thousand of years.  The green house gases we produce form a layer in the atmosphere reflecting the radiating heat back to the earth's surface resulting in warming of the globe.  This causes various problems apart from the bad effect of more carbon dioxide & other green house gases.  It is predicated that the global mean temperature will rise 1.4 C to 4 resulting in a sea level rise of 0.18m to 0.6 m by the end of this century.

   The most damaging effect of global warming is the climate change resulting in increase of Global temperature.  The sea level rise is due to melting of glaciers of South & North pole.  If the sea level rise it will endanger the islanders and the coastal people.

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