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| Last Updated: 12/01/2021

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World soil day


“World Soil Day” is celebrated on December 5th, this annual awareness day runs by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is usually held on the same date every year. The world soil day 2019 will be held under the theme “Stop soil erosion, save our future”. The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of soil quality for human well-being, food security and ecosystems.

The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), in 2002, adopted a resolution proposing the 5th of December as World Soil Day to celebrate the importance of soil as a critical component of the natural system and as a vital contributor to human well-being. Under the leadership of the Kingdom of Thailand and within the framework of the "Global Soil Partnership", FAO has supported the formal establishment of World Soil Day as a global awareness raising platform. The FAO Conference, in June 2013, unanimously endorsed World Soil Day and requested official adoption at the 68th UN General Assembly. In December 2013, the 68th UN General Assembly declared 5th of December as the World Soil Day.

Soil is made up of organic and inorganic matter, air and water, and the mixture depends on the way the soil is managed or neglected, which in turn impacts on how plants grow. The human race is dependent on soil for food, and soil erosion and poison leads to famine, soil also holds significant carbon, which is lost through erosion, which increases climate change.

On this world soil day, I urge all to take responsibility for the World Soil Day 2019 and its campaign "Stop soil erosion, Save our future" is envisaged to raise awareness on the importance of sustaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by addressing the increasing challenges in soil management and, raise the profile of healthy soil by encouraging governments, organizations, communities, government, Peoples, NGO’s and individuals to engage in proactively improving soil health.



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