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| Last Updated: 12/08/2020

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Theme – “Mountains matter for Youth”


        International Mountain Day is observed on December 11th in every year for raise awareness about the role of mountains and their importance to our planet. Mountains are providing numerous resources such as freshwater, food, and energy and it is a greater share of the Earth’s resources.

        United Nations Conference on Environment and Development was entitled “Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development” and brought the world’s attention to the importance of mountains and mountain ranges to the world. It was decided that 2002 would become the International Year of Mountains; the aim is not only raise awareness but also stir action on sustainable mountain development. The effort was successful that on December 20th, 2002, the United Nations designated December 11th as International Mountain Day and December 11th, 2003, the first International Mountain Day was observed.

       Mountain Day’s 2019 theme is a great opportunity for young people are active agents of change and the future leaders of tomorrow. They are custodians of mountains and of their natural resources, which are being threatened by climate change. It is a great day for people to get together either to celebrate the contributions made by mountains or to raise awareness to the issues that affect mountains. The young people are drive your favorite mountain; plan a mountain themed programme; or raise awareness about the plight of people live in mountainous regions and resources is used without degrading mountain ecosystems that continue to become even more fragile.

          I urge all to take responsibility for the International Mountain Day 2019 is a chance to highlight that for rural youth; living in the mountains can be unbreakable. Young people have migration from mountains leads to abandoned agriculture, land degradation and a loss of cultural values and ancient traditions.  Education and training, diverse employment opportunities and good public services can ensure a brighter future for young people in the mountains.

Director of Environment