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| Last Updated: 12/08/2020

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Appeal from the Director, Department of Environment on International Tiger Day 29th July 2020


Global Tiger Day, also referred to as the International Tiger Day, is an international event to raise awareness about tiger survival, held annually on July 29. The aim of the day is to foster a global framework for protecting the tiger's natural environment and raising public awareness on tiger conservation.
Tiger also named Panthera tigrisis one of the largest living cat species in some parts of the world. It's a member of the Panthera family. Tigers need bigger Habitat areas. Tiger cubs spend two years with their mothers. They abandon their mother's home range until they are independent to find their own Habitat. Globally, tiger has been found abundant in size. Gradually, as the forest range is cut and other similar factors contribute to the decline in the number of Tigers.
Tiger is India's National mammal. India has also led the way in the protection of its national wildlife. In 1973 the Tiger concept was introduced in India. Despite the expected initiatives in the current situation under Project Tiger, India has the world's highest number of tigers. India found a 30 per cent rise in tigers from 1706 to 2010, in a country level assessment in the year. In the year 2014 the number of tigers was 2226. According to the most recent 2018 tiger estimate report released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi India has 2967 tigers. That's the largest number of Tigers a nation has worldwide. India constitutes 75 per cent of the estimated global tiger population
Ways to Conserve Tigers:the following steps for help to conserve and increase the tiger population.
  • Conserve natural habitats: Let us help save forests hence saving the natural habitat for Tigers. Along with tigers, it will also help save the entire wildlife.
  • Control Climate changes: Lets us make efforts to control the climatic changes. Controlling the climatic changes will help us save Sundarbans, the largest habitat for Royal Bengal tigers.
  • Save tigers from illegal trade: Let us make efforts to save tigers from illegal trade, so stop this trading of tigers.
  • Prefer Sanctuaries / Reservoirs to Zoo: Wildlife Sanctuaries are bigger spaces and when amongst nature, tigers are much at home than being caged in a zoo. Hence encourage more Sanctuaries and natural reservoirs.
On this Day, I encourage all of you to take responsibility for raising awareness on global protection of Tigers. Protect and encourage the protection of natural tiger habitats. The aim of the day is to encourage a global program to protect the tiger's natural habitats and raise public awareness through videos, infographics, essay writing and painting competition etc. to help the protection of tigers.
     Department of Environment