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| Last Updated: 16/09/2020

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World Lion Day is observed on 10th August 2020. It is celebrated to conserve and provide sustainable solutions to save the global wild lion population from extinction. World Lion Day aims to raise awareness of the plight of the lion and the issues that the species faces in the wild and ways to protect the big cat’s natural environment
Lions are social animals as they live, hunt, and protect themselves and their young ones together, as a group. They live a very systematic and flexible social life with duties divided among members of a pride. The size of the pride depends upon territory, availability of water resources and sufficient amount of prey among other factors.
Gir forest is one of the major habitat for lion in India. The presence of human and livestock population within and close to the Gir forest region and changing economic practices of local people, especially the Maldhari youth, may have negative impact on habitat and wildlife. Rapidly changing land use practices are also hindering the free-ranging of lions. Lion is an apex predator and ensures ecological balance as it helps to control the populations of browsers and grazers. Its conservation ensures protection of natural forest areas and habitats and in turn helps in biodiversity conservation. Gir protected area, many water resources are safeguarded by the presence of the Keystone species.  Lion is also a part of Indian mythology and has been a part of its cultural identity. The local people in Gir and greater Gir region take pride in coexistence with nature and are emotionally attached with lions.
I appeal as individuals should take responsibility to conserve the kingdom of this royal species and ensure that the status of lion is maintained as the king of the forest as it provides structure toe the entire forest ecosystem. However, if lions are not protected, various other species and the interconnected ecosystems of the region would be disturbed food web & foot chain. 
On this World lion Day, let’s contribute our part by raising awareness about lion conservation through various platforms.  World Lion Day is the global campaign to celebrate the importance of protecting the lion worldwide. Hence, World Lion Day is a perfect day to raise awareness about the endangering of Lion animals.
Department of Environment