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| Last Updated: 06/06/2022

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World Environment Day is celebrated across the world on 5th of  June  every year,  since 1974. World Environment Day is the most remarkable day for  environmental action. The UN Environment Program (UNEP) organizes events  for Environment  Day   every year to encourage worldwide  awareness  and action for the protection of environment. Word Environment Day  was  established by UN General Assembly on the first day of the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment which was held in Stockholm Sweden from June 5- 6  in 1972. 

Word  Environment Day is a platform to raise awareness on the problems faced such as air pollution, plastic pollution, illegal  wildlife  trade,  sustainable  consumption,   sea-level increase, and  food  security,  among others.   Furthermore,  WE D helps  drive change in consumption patterns  and in  national and international environmental policy.

The theme for World Environment  Day  2022  is 'Only One Earth'. World Environment Day 2022 will be observed highlighting the need to live sustainably in harmony with nature by transformative changes in our policies and choices towards cleaner and greener lifestyles.


Tamil Nadu, being blessed with rich forest areas and diverse ecosystem, conservation and enhancement of life support systems like land, water, forests and biodiversity are important by combating the environmental related issues with several initiatives for a healthy ecological balance. Environment as a whole is under going pressure from human activity, it is essential, to initiate action plans, policies and awareness to make lifestyle choices and to be consistent in the choice made for “Our Only Earth”. Earth being our mother, loves us forever even if she is harmed.


On this World Environment Day, Lets all pledge to nurture our Mother Nature for a better future.  Sustainability being the harmony between men and Nature, I wish and yearn for all of your contribution in taking responsibility to conserve our mother nature by creating awareness with practical policies towards “Our Only Earth”.



Department of Environment and Climate Change