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| Last Updated: 09/07/2024

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World Environment Day 2024 -Day 11: 05.06.2024

           Tamil Nadu EIACP PC HUB, Department of Environment and Climate Change has organized World Environment Day Celebration 2024 on 05.06.2024 at T. V. Ramamurthi Higher Secondary School, Adayar, Chennai. During this event, Dr. K. Muthukumar emphasized the importance of environmental conservation and also advised to avoid single-use plastics products in daily life and also has provided a brief overview of waste segregation, emphasizing its importance in effective environmental management. Hence, prizes and certificates were given to the winners and participants of various programs held for World Environment Day 2024, including Drawing, Speech, Rangoli, Innovative Idea, and Climate Change Lecture. A total of 100 School Teacher, NGOs and EIACP Staff were participated in this programme.