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| Last Updated:25/07/2020

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News Paper Clippings 2019

 December 2019

As farmers differ over contract agri, TN promises golden harves

Ramapuram lake now an ecological hotspot

UN climate change meet begins in Madurai

Panel pulls up 19 States for tyre disposal

Nasa probe near Sun reveals solar wind mysteries

India won’t announce enhanced climate action targets next year, says Javadekar

Corpn lanches website to help buy, sell waste

Seawater quality to be monitored

Rare rodents tumble out of flyer’s bag

Use of refuse: This app lets you sell garbage to the highest bidder

It’s climate and environmental emergency: We must reboot the world while it’s still alive and kicking

‘Shark’ that ‘eats’ trash to clean city’s water bodies

Winged visitors flock to Pulicat lake

Tamil Nadu’s mangrove forest cover comes down by 4sqkm 

 November 2019

As farmers differ over contract agri, TN promises golden harvest

Key mangrove forest patch along Buckingham canal set to be axed

Manage stubble to control air pollution: Recycling it can reduce weedicide use by 70% and water use by 40 %

Finland scholars to collaborate with IIT-M on climate change, air quality

Fewer migratory birds in Vedathangal this year

They save people from cyclones, but who is saving the Sunderbans mangroves?

Vulnerable spots in Nilgiris increase by 50

3rd phase of Adyar restoration begins

Air Pollution Crisis: A smog of Indifference

Eco-restored Villivakkam lake to become tourist spot by 2020

Noise made by humans putting 100 species at risk

Ban on single-use plastic in Kerala

Three more lakes to be added to city’s drinking water sources

World heading for 3.2°C temp rise by 2100: UN


October 2019

Guidelines on environment sent to districts

Pollution may be making people more violent

How cos are gearing up for less plastic in their business

Saturn overtakes Jupiter as planet with most moons

Bird with rare condition seen at city marsh

Height of climate change debate threatens to dwarf Mt Everest

Greening the powerhouses

Native flora to make comeback in the Nilgiris

Collective animal behavior began half a billion years ago

Northeast monsoon helps city’s parched reservoirs spring to life

Meet the white bellbird the world’s loudest bird

2019 ozone hole is smallest on record but no credit to us

Call of the wild: India proposes first ever snow leopard survey
Seawater intrudes 700m into aquifers along ECR, finds study
 September 2019
4 TN wetlands among 100 to get priority tag
Govt. to pull out all the stops to cut use of plastics
Tech to clean sewage to recharge groundwater
India to restore more degraded land
Two new species of ginger discovered in Nagaland
Fishkill along seashore sparks panic
Climate change can reduce banana yield in India, study finds
City’s wettest day of year brings 21 days of water
Eco-farms across state set to be new tourist hotspots
Coastal cleanup drive organized
Asian elephants perceive distress and also respond to it, say researchers
All that’s green is not good for Tirusulam
August 2019

Normal rains likely on August, September

3 bio-CNG plants to treat 300 tonnes of bio-waste in city

Tigers in India face lurking threat from virus

Why is India pulled to deep to deep-sea mining?

Wetlands and waste

Mexico’s cactus offers alternative to plastics

Centre unveils plan for coastal zone management

Meet the giant parrots that lived 19mn years ago

Take to green diet & help save Earth, say UN body

Showers bring migratory birds to pallikaranai

New invasive plant species distributing food chain in MTR

Coal-based power makes India top global So2 emitter: Greenpeace

Zero waste initiative set to be extended to all 15 zones in city



July 2019

Energy giants take up cudgels to clean up water sources

Bengal port records country’s highest sea level rise in 50 years

Hardy sponges loom over fragile corals

Project report to be prepared for restoring city waterways:CM

Monsoon rebounds in July, gives boost to kharif sowing

12 Indian beaches in the race to crest the ‘Blue Flag’ challenge

To save the planet, first save elephants

PIL seek rules for desilting waterbodies

Biomed waste in Adyar raises Thiruneermalai locals’ hackles

Tiger no.up 33% in 4 years, India has 75% of global upon

Tanzanians to learn water conservation from TN

Three city reservoirs wait to be desilted

Water from 5 Erumaiyur quarries to cater to 1L households in city

Communities come together to revive their waterbodies

June 2019

Scientists look at recycling plastic for marine life

Union environment ministry selects 13 beaches, including one in pondy, for blue flag certification

Ecologists have 596 reasons to cheer

Chennai’s fishermen are doing their best to keep our coasts plastic-free.

Scientists create a global map of where groundwater meets oceans

Rainwater harvesting could have saved city from crisis

Eastern Himalayas, a treasure trove of Balsams, yields 20 new species

Assam temple bids adieu to rare black softshell turtle hatchlings

India to host UN meet on land degradation in September

Air quality takes a turn for the worse

Corporation fillip to eco-restoration of 210 water bodies across city

Himalayan glaciers are melting twice as fast since 2000: study

Organic agriculture brings back business for Coimbatore farmers

Odisha uses satellite imagery to create unique flood hazard atlas

Be wary of that plastic in your purse

What lies in your rice?

Centre set to roll out ‘Jal shakti’ scheme for water-starved areas

Plastic waste Is Choking India

Study shows slight increase in india’s water resources

May 2019

Varuna Mitra boosted farm income, says study

Is India doing enouch to combat climate change?

Chennai Corporation shows way with big compost garden in its building

Maize farmers warned of fall armyworm attack

civic body to bring zero waste policy

Assam Produces an orchid link to the Orient

Facing the climate emergency

E-Waste: disposal not as simple as pressing ctrl, alt, delete


Beating plastic pollution, individual and socially

A plant waits for its patrons

Zero Waste Chennai initiative kicks off in Anna Nagar

World’s rivers are contaminated with antibiotics

A whale shark made its way across Chennai coast surprising sailors

Painted storks brought down by gale ready to fly again

Sudden rise in temp bleaches Gulf of Mannar corals again

There’s sea of potential in TN’s Coastal waters

April 2019

TNAU’s new star jasmine variety promises blooms round the year

Mangrove patch in Adyar creek & estuary thriving

Two parks get composting units to reduce waste sent to landfills

Kerala is home to two new plants

Bleaching hits world’s southernmost coral reef

Air pollution shortened lifespan by 30 months

NCR to host India’s first earth museum

A genetic method to empower conservation

Earth Day: saving the planet may cost $100 billion per year

Ferries may be back on the cooum, Adyar

Genes of climate-resistant chickpea varieties identified

March 2019

The Catch is linked to Climate

Three new canals in South Chennai

Ministry plugs loophole that allowed plastic waste import

Two Months on, Plastic ban fizzles

Fifteen of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India

In search of life, researchers find islet made of dead corals

TN Solid Waste Management: Projects without Policy

A Mobile app to help monitor plastics in a marine environment

India’s newest frog evolved 60million years ago

A climate vulnerability index for India on the anvil

A get to selectively remove Oil or Water

A Tiger reserve shows the way to conservation

Red Hills lake bed turns farmland as residents till and plant greens

Exotic species rescued in Chennai interest Interpol

India’s Carbon dioxide emissions up 5 %

February 2019

Grass threatens Pallikaranai marsh

Ocean mixing that drives climate found in surprise spot

Corpn. takes student on walk along cooum

Enjoy nature at her best in magical Odhisha

Birds lose home as Juliflora removed from Madurai tank

TNERC proposes marginally lower solar tariff

Bid to smuggle exotic species rampant

Emission levels rising faster in Indian cities than in China

Forest officials trap leopard that entered a house in the Nilgiris

Discontent over new solar policy

Moving continents created new centipede species

India, China lead global greening effort: study

Zoologist discovers crying snake in Arunachal Pradesh

We need 1 lakh professionals to setup 17.5 lakh solar photovoltaic pumps

January 2019

Govt. lines up Rs.86cr projects to supply water to Chennai

State all set to enforce plastic ban from today

Scramble begins for alternatives to plastics

Parliamentary panel flags neglect of Western Ghats

Exotic trees eating up western Ghat’s grasslands

Revellers leave behind 22 tonnes of garbage on tow city beaches

Cleaner beach to be a big draw

Vinayagan adapts to new terrain in Mudumalai forest

AAI to use plastic waste to lay roads

Animals begin to arrive at Wayanad sanctuary

SHGs race against time to mass -produce cloth bags

Six water bodies get new lease of life

Study shows solar wind fills the night side of the Moon