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| Last Updated:25/07/2020

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Awareness campaign on the ill effects of plastics through ” Message on Wheels”

 Department of Environment

Expression of Interest
The Department of Environment has proposed to carry out “Awareness campaign on the ill effects of plastics through ” Message on Wheels” at a cost of Rs.2.00 lakhs per district for 32 districts To implement the above scheme, in 32 districts of Tamil Nadu the Director of Environment invites Expression of Interest from the registered  Non Governmental Organizations who are interested in creating awareness on the ill effects of plastic through various activities such as street play, folk songs and other activities in all the districts. The interested Non Governmental organizations/ Institution shall submit their proposed activities along with a short note about their organizations, activities carried out by them to the Director of Environment on or before 06.12.2019 at 5.00 P.M.
The proposal should include
1.      The No. of places where in the activities to be conducted.
2.      Duration of the programme.
3.      Financial estimate.
4.      The details of the programme
5.      Target groups.
6.      Details on the past experiences.
The Department desires that the programme shall be conducted in all the districts of Tamil Nadu. The programme should be conducted at schools, public places etc., atleast 20 places in a district. The maximum financial assistance estimated by this Department is Rs.64.00 lakhs, for conducting programme in all the districts and for the entire programme including the expenditure towards the printing and distribution of awareness materials to the public. The programme should be completed within 1 month from the date of receipt of orders.
Director of Environment&
//Forwarded by order//
For Director of Environment