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| Last Updated:23/10/2020

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Newspaper Clippings 2020


October, 2020

Cleaning up of channels in Kosasthalaiyar basin starts

Scientists welcome these winged infiltrators

6% drop in SO2 emission, but India still remains top polluter

In 5 years, areas 100m inland may go under the sea

How global warming might affect food security

Fly ash from power station leaks into Ennore creek

Corporation turns Kotturpuram dump into mini forest

CPCB flags unsafe disposal of carcasses

Will early harvest, late Diwali help north avoid airpocalypse this year

Air pollution killed 1.6 m in India, but Ujjwala Yojan’a success report

September 2020
August 2020
July 2020

 Animators diverted, source segregation goes for a toss

 Green-lighting ecological decimation amidst a pandemic

June 2020

May 2020


April 2020 


Pollution adds to north Chennai’s vulnerability

This Earth Day, go sustainable with low-waste sponges

NO2 levels decline steeply as fossil fuel consumption drops

Wildlife photographs will add to relief funds

Farmers stare at bitter Baisakhi as corana strikes in peak season

Discarded face masks pose hazard

First-ever heat wave recorded in Antarctica

City’s air quality index continues to be moderate, shows CPCB data



February 2020

To reverse mass extinction of species, set quantitative goals for wildlife and biodiversity protection


January 2020



10 more wetland sites in India get global tag