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| Last Updated:27/01/2021

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Water Matters "MUSEUM IN A BOX”

A collection of three-dimensional models, explanatory animations, and illustrated primers, the Water Matters "Museum in a Box" is designed to introduce students to the physical, social and cultural aspects of water. The ‘Water Matters’ campaign, a collaborative project of the U.S. Consulate General Chennai and Care Earth Trust explores the centrality of water in people’s lives by examining water as both an environmental necessity and a key cultural element.  
The Water Matters "Museum in a Box" set out to answer a handful of such simple questions to help children make sense of the waterscape and hydrology around them. Built from scratch, the learning module comprises three-dimensional animated videos, flashcards, fact sheets, interactive games, DIY experiments and activities to strengthen observational learning. Contents of the digital box are available both in Tamil and English.

Educators, students and interested individuals can gain access to the learning module for free access on registration. For more, log on to
                                                                                 ENVIS HUB 
Department of Environment
                                                                                    Chennai -15