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| Last Updated:15/07/2021

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Waders yet to arrive at Perumbakkam marshland

                                           Explain steps taken to save trees in non-forest-areas, HC tells TN

                                           Now, raise an oxygen farm indoors

                                           Coral reef near Palk bay bleached as sea temperature is up

                                           Green panel allows great nicobar plan to advance

                                           Bring the tourists backEcologically sensitive corridor in Naduvattam under threat

                                           Biomedical waste generation doubles

                                           U.S. slider turtles pose a threat in northeast

                                           186 elephants killed on rail tracks in over 10 years

                                           New skink species from Western Ghats

                                           Polluted Flows the cooum, still

                                           The many benefits of an eco tax 


                                          June 2021

                                          Capacity up in 2 ecologically resorted lakes in Siruseri
                                          Study links air pollution to COVIS-19 cases and deaths
                                          Repeated encroachment of lakes raises concern
                                          What’ behind the mushroom boom?
                                          Indian Navy deploys ship to assist in seabed survey
                                          State losing several hillocks to indiscriminate MSand mining
                                          CAG raps Metrowater for poor sewage collection
                                          Beautification of Buckingham canal to be finished by October
                                          Ocean researchers find landslide - prone zones that cause tsunamis
                                          Corporation’s zero waste plan will take off before year end
                                          50.79 ha of Kallar corridor declared a private forest
                                          Coastal waters still a cesspool of plastic debris
                                          India to launch deep ocean mission
                                          Operation Olivia to the rescue of Olive Ridleys
                                          Significant progress in SDGs on clean energy, health: NITI index
                                          Strong policies on black carbon can sharply cut glacier melt: World Bank study
                                          Chemical biodiversity, securing earth’s future
                                          The time to limit global warming is melting away
                                          Reports of micro-plastics in groundwater alarming says NGT