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| Last Updated::20/04/2021

Major Activity


GSDP 2019-2020

 About GSDP Certificate course on Master Trainer in Waste Management 

Most  vocational  training  programmes  focus  on  technical  skills  rather  than  ‘soft’  or ‘green’ skills. Green skills contribute  to  preserving or restoring  environmental quality  for  sustainable  future  and include jobs that protect ecosystems and biodiversity,  reduce energy and minimize waste and pollution. In line with the Skill India Mission  of  Hon’ble  Prime   Minister,  Ministry  of  Environment,  Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC) utilising the vast network and expertise of ENVIS Hubs / RPs,  has taken up an initiative for skill development in the environment and forest sector to enable India's youth to get gainful employment and/or self-employment called the Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP). The  programme  endeavours to   develop   green   skilled   workers   having  technical   knowledge and commitment  to  sustainable  d evelopment,  which  will   help  in  the   attainment   of   the   Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs),  Sustainable  Development  Goals  ( SDGs ),  National  Biodiversity Targets (NBTs).

The Department of Environment has conducted certificate course in Master Trainer in Waste Management training under Green Skill Development Programme of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India, for 20 youth with Science and Engineering Graduation drawn from the various slum locations in and around in Chennai City.  The duration of the training was 40 days which is inclusive of field trips.  The course commenced on 04.12.2018 and ends on 25.01.2019.  The training was conducted at the class room (BSB-204) of the Civil Engineering Department, IIT-Madras.
The syllabus of the training included introduction of solid waste management, characteristics, collection, transfer & transport of solid waste, separation, processing, composting, waste to energy, sanitary land filling, waste and climate change, E-waste, bio-medical waste management, plastic waste management, occupational health & safety.  The training also included field trips to Bio-Methonisation plant, Resource Recovery Park, Bio-Gas Plant, Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Periyar Science and Technology Centre, Central Leather Research Institute etc.,
The classes were handled by Professors / Scientists of Anna University, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,  Madurai Kamaraj University Professionals from reputed research institutions / organizations, Government Departments, NGOs etc.,
The valedictory function of the GSDP programme was held on 25.01.2019 (Friday) at 3 PM at Hall no.2, IC & SR Building, IIT-Madras. Course completion certificate issued to the master trainers.