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| Last Updated: 08/04/2024

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Tamil Nadu EIACP PC-HUB along with Exnora Jointly organised a “Mega Tree Plantation-2024” Program at chari street corporation park T.Nagar, Chennai on 01.01.2024  

Tamil Nadu EIACP PC HUB, Department of Environment and Climate Change along with EXNoRA jointly organised a “Mega Tree Plantation Event 2024” at T.Nagar, Chennai -17. In this event, Dr.K.Muthukumar, Programme Officer, TN EIACP PC HUB, ExNoRa Club President Thiru S. Pasupathy and public actively participated in the "Renewed Green Chennai Project" &  Planted Tree Saplings in the Chari Street Corporation Park,T. Nagar & yellow cloth bags and herbal saplings was distributed to the members & the general public.